Restoration measures

As a source for the restoration measures we use mainly diaspore-containing plant material from existing species-rich floodplain meadows in nature reserves (donor-sites) nearby (the farthest donor-site is in 10 km distance, the nearest directly adjacent). The donor sites are cut and the fresh green hay is transfered onto the restoration fields (donee-sites). The transfer usually takes place between September and the mid of November, when the majority of the target species bears ripe seeds.

Due to a shortage of suitable donor-sites we have to limit the disposal of plant material on 10 to 20 % of the donee-sites, usually delivered in strips of 5 to 10 m width over the whole length. In case of existing dense vegetation these strips are rotovatetd prior to the disposal of plant material to diminish competition pressure.

The transfer is conducted with a loader-wagon with pick-up, cutting knives and proportioning rollers, allowing quick and effective work.

Following you can see some pictures of the restoration measures: